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FMX Team


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FMX Team


FMX Team is an adrenaline-pumping motocross game that will test your skills and push you to the limit. With its realistic physics and challenging tracks, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Take control of your motorbike and perform mind-blowing stunts as you compete against other riders in intense freestyle motocross competitions. Are you ready to become the FMX champion?

Game Controls

  • Accelerate: Up Arrow Key
  • Brake: Down Arrow Key
  • Lean Backwards: Left Arrow Key
  • Lean Forward: Right Arrow Key
  • Perform Tricks: Number Keys 1-7

How to Play

  1. Start by selecting a rider and motorcycle of your choice.
  2. Use the up arrow key to accelerate and the down arrow key to brake.
  3. Use the left and right arrow keys to lean backward or forward for balancing.
  4. In the air, use the number keys 1-7 to perform a variety of tricks.
  5. Land your stunts smoothly to earn maximum points.
  6. Complete the required objectives within each level to progress to the next one.
  7. Earn money by achieving high scores and completing bonus challenges.
  8. Upgrade your motorcycle and unlock new riders as you advance in the game.
  9. Aim to achieve the highest score possible and top the leaderboard.

Tips and Tricks

  • Master the timing and coordination of your stunts to perform insane combos.
  • Keep an eye on the landing zone and adjust your bike accordingly to avoid crashes.
  • Utilize the environment to your advantage by using ramps and obstacles strategically.
  • Upgrade your motorcycle’s engine, suspension, and maneuverability to enhance performance.
  • Practice makes perfect, so spend time in the training mode to hone your skills.
  • Watch replays of top players to learn new tricks and techniques.

Game Developer

FMX Team is developed by IriySoft, a renowned game development company known for creating immersive and addictive online games. They have a proven track record of delivering high-quality games across various genres.

Game Platforms

FMX Team can be played on the following platforms:

  • PC (Windows and macOS)
  • Web browser (HTML5)

How to Play Unblocked

To play FMX Team unblocked, simply visit our website Geometry Dash. We offer the game in its full, unblocked version, ensuring that you can enjoy all the features and content without any restrictions. So, gear up, hit the tracks, and show off your motocross skills!