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Bouncy Basketball


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Are you ready to bring your A-game to the court? Look no further than Bouncy Basketball, a one-of-a-kind, pixel art basketball game that will keep you hooked from the first jump. Take control of a bouncy player and aim for those baskets to outscore your opponent. Whether you’re up against a CPU or another player in two-player mode, this game will test your skills and push you to the limit.

Jump, Shoot, Score!

Playing Bouncy Basketball is as simple as it gets. All you need is the spacebar or the D key to jump, and while you’re airborne, release the key to shoot the ball. Need to maneuver around the court? Just use the arrow keys to move your player. It’s all about timing, precision, and quick reflexes to land those perfect shots.

The Sweet Taste of Victory

In Bouncy Basketball, the name of the game is scoring more points than your opponent. And how do you do that? By making baskets, of course! The closer you are to the hoop when you shoot, the more points you’ll score. And if you want to amp up the excitement, go for the dunk and watch your opponents’ morale crumble. The game ends when one player reaches a set number of points or when time runs out.

Pro Tips for Hoop Masters

To help you dominate the court, here are some insider tips to elevate your Bouncy Basketball skills:

  • Jump to Success: Use the spacebar or the D key to jump as high as possible when shooting. This boosts your chances of making that perfect basket.

  • Aim for the Bullseye: When taking a shot, aim for the center of the hoop. It increases your odds of scoring and leaves no room for doubt.

  • Swift Moves: Employ the arrow keys to swiftly navigate the court. Outmaneuver your opponents and avoid getting blocked.

  • Dunk and Dominate: Don’t shy away from unleashing your inner dunking superstar. Dunks not only earn you points but also demoralize your opponents.

  • Enjoy the Game: Remember, Bouncy Basketball offers an incredible experience, whether you’re playing with friends or enjoying some solo time. So, have a blast and embrace the thrill of the game!

Master the Controls

Get acquainted with the controls for Bouncy Basketball:

  • Spacebar or D key: Jump

  • Release spacebar or D key: Shoot

  • Arrow keys: Move

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